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Tournament Calendar 2024

Weapon sizing guide
*This is a general guide, always check with the event organisers

Elite Epee

Under 10 – Size 0 Epees

Under 12 – Size 2 or 0 Epees

Under 14 – Size 2 or 0 Epees

Under 17 – Size 5 Epees


U12 AND U14

  • Size 2 Epees or below

U16 AND U18

  • Size 5 Epees or below

Leon Paul

Under 10 age group

  • Blade size = size 0

Under 12 age group

  • Blade size = size 2 

Under 14 age group

  • Blade size = size 2 

Under 17 age group

  • Weapon size = size 5

European International Competitions (eg: Olimpici, Challenge Wratislavia)

U11 age group. size 0 and mini size of guard!

Blade not longer then 77,5 cm and diameter of hilt-guard up to 12 cm.


U13 and U15 age group: size 5 epees


They don't use size 2 epees in European international competitions


U14 European circuits 


size 5 epees

Coaching Fees, Terms and Conditions:

  • 1 day competition within London: £500 + travel expenses, per coach, per day 

  • 1 day competition outside London: £1000 + accommodation and travel expenses, per coach, per day

  • 2 day competition £1200 + accommodation and travel expenses, per coach, per day

Daily Coaching Fee Structure: The coaching fee will be divided among the participating fencers of each day, (e.g.: Saturday's event and/or Sunday's event are two separate days) and invoiced to their parents.


If a fencer cannot attend the event due to unforeseen circumstances, the club will still invoice based on the confirmed participants prior to the tournament. We cannot refund or accept last minute cancellations. This approach ensures fairness and avoids last-minute charges for individual fencers.

  • For domestic competition minimum 1 week notice and no cancellation within 72 hours.

  • For International tournament minimum 2 weeks notice and no cancellation within 1 week.

  • We can not accept coaching requests 72 hours prior an event.


Club member vs. club member Matches: If two Knightsbridge fencers face each other during an event, the coaching staff cannot assist either fencer. This policy maintains neutrality and fairness.


International Competitions: When two British fencers face each other in international competitions, Knightsbridge Fencing Club cannot coach a Knightsbridge fencer. This aligns with British Fencing’s strict policy.


Simultaneous Matches: If multiple Knightsbridge fencers compete simultaneously, coaches prioritize direct elimination matches over pool fights. In cases where only one coach is present, support goes to the lower-ranked fencer on the BF ranking, aiming to strengthen the National Squad representation. Only applies to Cadet, Junior, Senior and GB events.


When two or more Knightsbridge fencers are competing at the same time, the coaching staff will make every effort to assist all fencers. However, there may be situations where it’s not feasible to provide individual coaching to everyone simultaneously.


Priority Order:

Direct Elimination (DE) Matches:

  • These take precedence over pool fights. Coaches will focus on supporting fencers during direct elimination rounds.

Pool Fights:

  • While coaches aim to assist all fencers, pool fights may receive less attention during simultaneous matches.


Single Coach Scenario: If only one coach is present at the competition and two fencers are competing simultaneously in a DE match, the following approach will be taken:

  • The lower-ranked fencer based on the British Fencing (BF) ranking will receive coaching support.

  • This strategic decision aims to enhance the representation of Knightsbridge Fencers within the National Squad.

  • In special circumstances when one of the fencers has potential to qualify for a World or European championship then regardless the ranking the higher ranked fencer will be supported. (eg British ranked nu 5 will be supported over ranked 6.)


Communication Responsibility: To avoid any missed matches, fencers and parents play a crucial role. They are responsible for promptly notifying the coaches of the piste number and timing of upcoming bouts.

Alec senior WB 2022_1.jpeg

Upcoming events

Deadline for coaching: Sunday, 30 June, 1pm

ENTRY: Elite Epee - Entries will open after 5th July via:

7th September 2024 - Moulton College, Northamptonshire

Deadline for coaching: TBC

ENTRY: Elite Epee - Entries will open after 5th July via:

19th October 2024 - City of London Freeman's School, Surrey

Deadline for coaching: TBC


ENTRY: Elite Epee - Entries will open after 5th July via:

2nd-3rd November 2024 - The Manchester Fencing Centre

Deadline for coaching: TBC

Terms & Conditions
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