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Alec senior WORLD CUP 2022

Competition Calendar 2023

16-17 March 2023: Wroclav, Poland U11, U13, U15 Boys & Girls

Challenge Wratislavia – Międzynarodowy Turniej Szermierczy Dzieci do lat 15

27-28 May 2023  – Békéscsaba Olimpici

Versenykiírások – Olimpici

1 Arpril 2023: Elite Epee Junior Series Event 2 @ City of London Freemen’s School

Elite Epee Junior Series – Elite Epee


22-23 April 2023: Osijek, Croatia U11, U14, U17, U23 Boys & Girls

U14 | Eurofencing

Mačevalački klub DZO – Mačevanje u Osijeku (

Competition Coaching Fees:

1 day competition £400 +travel expenses (within London)

2 day competition £800 + travel and accommodation expenses

3 day competition (Friday to Sunday) £1000 + travel and accommodation expenses (the club charges it as per how many days of teaching the coaches have to give up where the coaches are not able to arrange private lessons. e.g.: for a competition where coaches can't give lessons on Friday, Saturday and Sunday it's a 3 days fee. If on Sunday coaches have to travel as there is no flight right after the competition on Saturday then Knightsbridge Fencing Club has to charge for 3 days regardless the tournament is only on Saturday only as coaches have to give up Sunday to offer private lesson to others)


The daily coaching fee will be divided between the number of fencers we have on the competition and invoiced accordingly to the parents. The club will always presume you like us to coach however if you wish us not to coach then please email us so we know in advance. Once you confirm you need coaching and if for any unforeseen reason you can't attend the event the club will still charge as the calculation of the fee which will be devided by all as it will be based on the confirmed participants prior the tournament. (It is as It would not be fair to charge one person a full fee last minute if everyone changed their mind last minute on taking part of an event where Knightsbridge Fencing Club allocated and prebook coaches and can't change schedule last minute)


- Please note if two Knightsbridge fencers face each other on any occasions we can not help either fencer. 


- Attending international competitions, if two British fencers face each other we can't coach a Knightsbridge Fencer as there is a strict British Fencing policy against that.


- In case two or more Knightsbridge fencers fence at the same time, coaches will try their best to help everyone but sometimes it's not possible. Direct Elimination matches are always the priority against pool fights. If two fencers fence same time in DE and only one coach is at the competition the lower ranked fencer on the BF ranking will be supported so we can have more Knightsbridge Fencers within the National Squad.


- To avoid the disappointment of missing any matches, fencers/parents are responsible to call us on our mobile to let us know the location and timing of the upcoming bouts.

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