European Champion Silver Medallist

"Seeing as fencing was a compulsory sport at my French school when I was 7, I started fencing then. I absolutely fell in love with the sport and refused to stop even after leaving my school. I came across Knightsbridge and have been fencing there ever since. Throughout my time at Knightsbridge a lot has changed - My first competitions long ago were more trivial events for my personal enjoyment (though medals were a huge perk of course). Now, however, Knightsbridge has helped me reach far beyond fencing as a hobby. I compete about once every two weeks anywhere from Bulgaria to Italy or simply here at home. Some of my most recent successes include finishing the 2017 season ranked 21st worldwide in the U17 category, placing second at the European Championships along with the British team and starting this year's season ranked 1st nationally."


Two Time British Champion 

"I started fencing with Tamas and Julianna when I was 5 years old. It was my mother's idea as she thought the discipline and focus of fencing would do me good! Despite the odd temper tantrum whenever I lost (nothing's changed by the way), Tamas and Julianna’s amazing coaching inspired me to fence more, and I found that the more I fenced the more I enjoyed the speed, intensity, technique and tactics of epee. 

My first tournament was the U9 Brixton Epee in 2012 when I was only 6 years old and I came second which surprised everyone! Since then I have fenced in many tournaments in the UK and also in Hungary and Poland. Over the last 5 years I have won 24 gold medals, 6 silver medals and 5 bronze including:

English Champion 4 times in a row from 2014-2017, including 3 times at U11 and currently U13

British Champion at U10 in 2015, and at U12 in 2017

Elite Epee Champion in 2014, 2015 and 2016

Gold in the U11 Olimpici competition in Budapest in 2016

Bronze in the U13 Olimpici competition in Debrecen in 2016

Gold at Challenge Wratislavia in Poland at U11 in 2016

Silver at Challenge Wratislavia at U13 in 2017

My dream is to become Olympic champion!"


English Youth Champion Silver Medallist

"I started fencing when I had just turned eight years old, my local club was mainly a foil club so I fenced foil for about a year and a half. Then I decided I wanted to hang out with the cool kids and picked up an epee.

My first epee competition was the LPJS International.  I did well, beating the person who was leading the series to win gold in my first tournament.  I have won 51 medals of which 3 are from international competitions.  I came second at the 2017 English Youth Championships and currently lead the U11 Leon Paul Junior Series.

My local club had an extreme lack of epeeists so I needed to go to a more challenging club, you guessed it, the club I chose was Knightsbridge.  Coming to Knightsbridge is improving my fitness (I can do press ups now!), speed, reactions and especially my fencing technique.

My favourite thing about Knightsbridge is everyone is always pushing each other on to train harder.

 My dream is to be Olympic champion."

Irish Number One 

“I never had an after-school sport because none of them really suited me. Then when I was 8, fencing became an option and my parents immediately signed me up.

It quickly grew on me as I realized you had to be just as mentally actively as you had to be physically, and is some cases more so.

Over years, through my ups and downs, Julianna and Tamas helped get me back on track and get me to where I am today.

I've done many competitions in England and internationally and since turning 14, started working towards getting on the cadet Irish fencing team and in 2019 I became Irish National Champion. I want to take fencing as far as I possibly can.”

"As a young child I had always been fascinated by plastic swords and used to fight all day with them.  I started to fence when I was 6 years old: a dear  friend introduced me to this wonderful sport.  I take fencing seriously and look forward to competitions.  My first tournament was the U9 Canterbury in 2015,  I came first and was extremely happy.  After my first competition I was determined to improve my fencing.   And I still am.  I must also thank my coaches who support and teach me.  They are tough and determined to bring out the best of my abilities but they are also extremely supportive and encouraging. "


 Elite Epee Champion 2017

"I have been fencing with Julianna and Tamas for roughly 7 years. I began a year after my older brother, Theo, joined Knightsbridge. I used to wear a little read and white spotty dress to Theo’s classes, when Julianna noticed me and suggested to my mum that I attend the "Little Class". Each Saturday, I fenced at the Army Museum and I soon fell in love with the intensity and the focus the sport requires, besides the absolute fun, I had fighting with real swords while wear such cool kit. When I was five, I competed in my first Elite Epee tournament and came in Third, it was amazing. I continued to compete and I am proud to say that six years later, I won the Under 12 Elite Epee Championship in 2017 after some fierce bouts. Knightsbridge Fencing Club supports and encourages me, as well as all its members to learn, innovate, and persevere; Three Cheers for Knightsbridge!"


ISA National Champion Silver Medallist

"I was 6 years old when I first picked up a sword. It was a great treat as my parents would not buy me any toy weapons! I felt like a knight in (a white) shining armour! I started training with the Knightsbridge Fencing club once a week after school, and for the past three years, I also started training on Saturdays. I do epée, and I really enjoy how experienced and nice all the coaches are. I think it is pretty special to have coaches with such backgrounds. What also makes Knightsbridge special is how international and diverse the other fencers in the club are. Fencing is like chess but only more fun because you get to move around. It’s a strategic game and you have to be both patient and quick at the same time. I can be quick but I’m still learning about patience! Last time I lost a game, I was so angry with myself but our coaches teach you to move on and try and focus for the next one. Fencing is hard work, you sweat buckets under the plastron and the mask – there is a lot of footwork and I think over the years, the training has helped me improve my strength and flexibility. When you fence, some of your opponents can be taller and older and it can be intimidating but when you defeat one of them, you feel like superman! My first competition was the ISA National Championship U13, I won silver and it’s made me want to do more competitions and improve further."


British Champion 

Knightsbridge Fencing Club has always been a home to me: not only because I spend so much time there, but because the people I train with feel like family. I first started training when I was in Year 4 as a club after school and after a few weeks, Tamas asked me to come train at his club.  The journey started there and, ever since, the thrill of fencing has never subsided.

My dad had always wanted to be a footballer, but when he saw how incredible this sport was with its technical, tactical, mental, and physical requirements, he jumped on the opportunity to send me to the club. At first training just one or two hours a week, I soon started private lessons and began to attend close to 4 classes a week. When I started studying at Latymer Upper School, getting to training became even easier and I now train around 10 hours a week.

My first few competitions were the Elite Epees U11 and U13 which were extremely nerve racking; however, looking back, it was only the start of a great chain of competitions. My first international was in Poland at the Challenge Wratislavia and it went awfully. Knocked out after the first round, I was shocked by the high level of fencing yet this made only the more eager to get back and start training harder. Both Avery and I were selected to be part of the U17 British Cadet Team and began to travel all around Europe fencing in some incredible places from Copenhagen to Bratislava to Plovdiv it Riga. Competing on the European Cadet Circuit was a great start to feeling what it takes to be a competitive senior fencer. The peak for me of these experiences was competing and the World and European championships in 2017 and 2018 where the quality of fencing was remarkably high and so my tactical approach to fighting became much wiser.

Many parents have often asked if putting so much time and commitment into a sport can hinder the academic ability of a pupil and I couldn’t disagree less. The sense of independence, determination, and dedication that develops from becoming a fencer undoubtedly helps with school work. Having such a commitment to talk about when meeting people has also been a great contributor when applying to university as having such a strong passion shows passion and vigour. I was recently accepted to the Harvard Class of 2023 and I would imagine that much of their decision was founded upon my undying love for the sport. I know that this would never have been achievable without the endless hours that Tamas and Julianna put in to improving all aspects of the fencer within me.

"As I grow up, I notice how profoundly lucky I actually am for many things, but I am most grateful for having found my passion at such a young age and I owe this all to Julianna and Tamas. I started fencing at Knightsbridge fencing club when I was 9 years old, and 8 years down the line, I can confidently say that it was the single best decision I have made in my life. Pursuing any sport to a high degree is special to anyone who loves it but Fencing has an elegance about it, combining both strategic thinking with agility. It incorporates a high level of problem solving with physical training; skills that go hand in hand with many aspects of life, especially within academics. In my journey so far, I have been able to travel to all corners of the world, competing or training, but not only representing GBR, representing Knightsbridge Fencing Club too."


Two times British Champion

"I had started fencing as a 4  year old with Knightsbridge Fencing Club with my friends from Hill House. Julianna was so nice to me to look after me and train me. The first years of training was focused on a lot of foot work because it is the Hungarian “thing”. Now as I am older I realised that it was the most important foundation to fencing and it is now automatic. My Dad gave me my first Leon Paul  Epee with a pink bag. Since then, I have all my competition gear all in pink including my custom  mask.  My friends nick name me “Pink Ninja”. Julianna had once told my Dad that the only reason to fence is to compete! My most memorable competition was the Leon Paul Junior Series London Under  9 to which I won and it was FIRST! I had won it 3 years in a row.I am always challenged by the height difference of my older and bigger opponents. I managed to overcome this problem  by learning specific techniques from Julianna and Tamas. Even Julianna was faced with the same problems when she was competing and I learnt from the best!  My class lessons along with private lessons have made me faster and a much better fencer. I love fencing and I train hard whenever I can and I am not afraid of fencing anyone older or bigger. I enjoy the challenge. I also learn to win gracefully and I try to control my emotions when I don’t do so well. I am still learning to be a better fencer with the help of Julianna  and Tamas who are now my friends as well. I am a double British Youth Champion under 10 and under 12. I am still the No 1 ranked fencer  in my age group with Leon Paul Junior Series since 2014 till now. Fencing, have taken me to the Olimpici Grand Prix series in Hungary and now the European Youth  Circuit Under 14 which I was ranked 32nd out of 287 girls in the series at Finland, Croatia etc. I look towards fencing in Europe because it will be great for my international experience. One of my favourite achievement  was wining silver at the Challenge Wratislavia, Poland Under 11. As I have the most points I should be receiving my England Squad stripes soon for 2018 and I am really excited about that. In 2016, I was the Under 11 Grand Final Champion with the Elite Epee Junior Series which Pink Ninja Foundation proudly. So far, I have won 29 gold, 12 silvers and 15 bronze which are on my medal wall.I  wish that I will do well enough to be selected in the future and it is important to fence with no regrets!"

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