Benefits of Private Lesson

There is no substitute for the benefit that comes from a one-on-one private lesson with your coach. It is the ultimate training experience for fencers.


Individual lessons focus on the basics, such as understanding the art of the blade, learning how to defend, and perfecting the attacking strikes.


The skills you will gain in these lessons, such as improving precision and developing core muscles, are also a great way to exercise your body and mind.  You will feel what it's like to focus and be truly in the moment, where you will need to make decisions in the blink of an eye.


Private lessons will help speed the fencer’s rate of learning.  In a one on one scenario the coach can more easily help each fencer develop their own style and technique.  The individualized exercises will translate into actual fencing skills when sparring at the club or in competition.


Experience this unique and ancient sport for yourself, and feel what it's like to pull on a mask, hold an epee in your hand, and face your opponent!

Book your 30 minute 1 to 1 private lesson to learn the technique. 

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