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"We rise by lifting others"



"Hello, my name is Anastasiia and I am from Ukraine, Kharkiv city. I’m fencing for 5 years and like this sport very much. I’m also quite good at it. I took part in many competitions in Ukraine and also I went to the international competitions in Serbia, Germany and Poland.


Due to the current situation in the country, I had to leave home and now I’m living in London for 2 months. My fencing club in Kharkiv is destroyed. However, I can continue my trainings here and I am very happy about this.


My mum Oksana who is also here with me and my dad Dmitry who is staying in Kharkiv are glad to see me fencing and always support me because they know how much i love fencing."


"My name is Mykola. I am 16 years old, I lived a normal life, had plans and dreams, studied at school, did fencing, had training caps every summer, took part in Ukrainian and international competitions ...

 On February 24, everything changed, at 6 am my parents woke me up and told me that the war had started - Russia had attacked Ukraine, I did not really understand what was happening, but when I heard the whistling of missiles flying past our house, I realized that my life had changed completely. .

curfew, sirens, bomb shelters, online training, in addition I had a cast on my right arm, it further complicated the situation.

I stayed in Kyiv, but when the Russians seized the nuclear power plant, my parents decided to take me out, as they said, to save the younger generation. A week we went to the border with Hungary, where I left my dad and my mom went on, and then there was Germany, and then we received a letter inviting me to the Fencing Club of England and it was great news.

Now I live in England in a wonderful family, I have the opportunity to continue my favorite business in a wonderful fencing club in London, I am very grateful to the coaches, athletes of the club for their great support, when I return here to my past life.

I hope we win and my new dreams come true - I will return to my family, finally see my newborn nephew, hug my father, and wait for my new friends from England at home. the support I now receive will forever remain in my heart."



"Hi I’m Kamilla! My family and I are from Kharkiv, Ukraine. I’m 13 years old and I was studying in Private Boiko School. My favourite subject is Math and English. My mom’s name is Katerina and my dad’s name is Murad they had their own business in Kharkiv. I also have a sister called Karina, she is 22 years she was studying in Kharkiv Art Academy. My brother Ruslan is also 22, he is an IT specialist.


I started fencing, when we moved our new flat and fortunetly near by was the sports centre called “Unifeht” ,now it is destroyed. There were only three sports to choose: fencing, boxing and yoga. I immediately choose fencing and fell in love with the sport. My daily life used to look like this: I had morning fencing training or just woke up and had breakfast, after that my parents took me to school, then as well at 5pm. I had 3 hours training every day."


"Hello, my name is Denys, I’m from Ukraine, Kyiv. I have been fencing for about 5 years, have participated in many competitions in Ukraine, as well as international competitions in Serbia, Hungary, Poland and other conties. 


My plans were to continue doing this sport, but 24th February the Russia started war of Ukraine, killing thousands of civilians, including children, and destroying thousands of infrastructure facilities. My city was also attacked so I had to leave the country.


Now I currently live in the UK and train at the club in London.  There are very friendly coaches and children here and I am very glad that I can continue to practice fencing."

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