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Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2021

  • We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and shared the results with British Fencing, with St Luke's Church Earls Court, with The Hampshire School Chelsea, and with the coaches. 

  • We have cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with guidance

  • We are taking all reasonable steps to maintain a 2m distance; no fleche on the opponent, no shaking hands, no shouting during bouts, no close combat. 

Please find the latest updates on Covid19 guidance here:

Children classes are deliberately kept small, please contact us to arrange the most suitable class for you.

Please note at this stage you need to use your own fencing equipment as we are not allowed to provide club equipment. You can order it online here: Starter Kit

All fencers must have valid British Fencing Membership. You can become a member on the below link:



Risk Assessment – COVID-19 & Indoor/Outdoor training


At Knightsbridge Fencing Club we take our stewardship of fencing safety and hygiene very seriously. We were one of the first club to close in March and we are waiting longer than most to open to keep our community safe. That being said we will continue to learn as we move through our reopening and the measures listed below are subject to change.

  • Follow all government guidelines at all times.

  • Avoid public transport where possible.

  • Refrain from attending any activity if experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms and follow government advice for isolation and testing

  • Comply with all safety measures applicable to or prescribed by the club/coach.

  • Come to the session already dressed in freshly washed workout clothing and footwear.

  • Ensure you have fresh and warm clothes to wear afterwards without the need for changing rooms.

  • Do not share equipment such as weapons, body wires, fencing masks, gloves or breeches/plastron/jacket, with others.

  • Practice 2m social distancing.

  • Refrain from contacting/touching other participants, coaches and attendees

  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow if you cough or sneeze. Wear face mask at all times.

  • Bring and use hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes.

  • Bring your own water and, if desired, energy bars. No other food or drink is allowed.

  • Bring a bag to take all your personal gear and rubbish away with you

  • All participants encouraged to shower and wash clothes (including gloves) and clean personal equipment after each session.

  • Church chairs aren't touched or used at any time.


All members must follow the hygiene procedures

  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a tissue.

  • Use only single-use tissues and dispose of them.

  • Avoid touching your face with your hands.

  • Use hand sanitisers before and after session


UK Government Guidance:




Social Distancing and Covid-19 Safety Measures:


  • Maximum of 2 groups of 15 people allowed to participate the fencing classes with marking the floor of 2m distance for waiting to get on the pistes. U18 fencers are allowed from 12 April 2021 onward and adults from 17 of May 2021 onward.

  • Cleaning will be completed pre and post each day.

  • Cleaning check list is in place detailing what needs to be cleaned.

  • Disinfectant wipes are available for general use

  • All sessions are pre-planned by coaches in accordance with their competency levels and checked for compliance (with Club, BF, government guidelines).

  • Where density of people in an indoor space is near the limits that social distancing will allow, sessions will not be highly aerobic – avoiding high intensity

  • Changing areas will be closed and participants will be asked to turn up ready to participate.

  • Protocols over start and end of sessions to allow for social distancing to be maintained during entry/exit/drop-off/pick-up and communicated to all club members and parents/carers

  • Reduced the seating capacity in the fencing waiting area. Sitting area will be marked in 2m distance. 

  • Doors and windows will be open during the classes to allow ventilation.

  • No hand shaking at any time

  • No Sparring/Lessons unless between members of same household (to be monitored as government restrictions relax)

  • Use of facemasks in accordance with PHE/BF guidelines

  • Participants requested to bring own water in personal bottles and no sharing allowed.

  • Parental pick up and drop of happens outside the main door in marked two-meter distance. No visitors or parents allowed to come in the facility.  The Covid19 Officer will let fencers enter and exit the facility one at the time.

  • No personal equipment to be left in salle to allow cleaning.



British Fencing Guidance


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