Online Fencing Coaching is our new and flexible way of training for all levels and ages.


If you are a shielded person or have an underlined illness or may be too far away or too busy, this is a perfect opportunity to do some exercise while learning about fencing from the comfort of your home.


How it works


Simply book a lesson online in the below link, choose from the available time slots.


It is a 30-minute lesson using zoom app and you will learn about the sword and how it works, the basic hand and foot movements and how to attack/defend.




For advanced fencers online coaching can help you with:

·         blade technique, lunges, hand & footwork

·         competition PREPARATION, analysis

·         Recommended drills and exercises for all levels


​Email a video of the competition match, hand, foot or blade work you would like to improve on.


You will receive a detailed analytical feedback within 48 hours on how to improve the technique, with tailored drills and exercises to assist you.

get in touch 

0773 0533 299 or 0773 0533 302

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