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The club is featured in The Good Housekeeping Magazine

April 2023 Edition

Alec sword magazine article Main.png

Alec is on the cover of Sword Magazine

Read the full article, here.

Julianna on World Fencing Championship B

Throwback Thursday Julianna Revesz was featured on the World Fencing Championship Ad Campaign in 2013 in an Elizabeth Swann, played by Kiera Knightley from Pirates of the Caribbean inspired photo.

Luxury London article_edited.png

Knightsbridge Fencing Club is delighted to be featured in Luxury London Magazine. It is beautifully written. Click here to read the full article.

Sunday Brunch.jpg

Knightsbridge Fencing Club was on LIVE TV on Channel 4 Sunday Brunch promoting fencing and even made the hosts Tim and Simon duel each other. It was an amazing experience and crew was so nice. Watch it back on our channel on the main page.

fencing art

Watch this magnificent video created by Mr Drew Brown, demonstrating the beauty of human movement through fencing. Art of a weapon; will leave you with goosebumps. Click here for full video.

adult group foto 1_edited.jpg

Knightsbridge Fencing Club hosted a group of colomnists and had a blast.

GO London.PNG

Knightsbridge Fencing Club was thrilled to be part of Nigel Sylvester's, BMX superstar, GO - London video shoot. Watch the video here.

Falcon demo session.JPG

Falcon School for Girls invited Julianna from Knightsbridge Fencing Club as guast speaker.  

Oscar night promo.jpg

Knightsbridge Fencing Club is honoured to support of Chain of Hope charity. 


Knightsbridge Fencing Club organised the 2nd U10 Competition, which provides a friendly environment for pupils to the rules and test themselves.

warmup at Forte Village

Knightsbridge Fencing Club held the second fencing retreat at one of a kind Forte Village Resort Sardinia. 

KS Demo.jpg

Knightsbridge Fencing Club held a demo session for Knightsbridge School pupils.  

Lansdowne Club.PNG

Knightsbridge Fencing Club's Julianna Revesz representing the British team against the French team at The Lansdowne Club Mayfair Gala event. Watch the video here.

Knightsbridge Fencing Club in Dubai demonstrating fencing.

Children enjoyed to learn fencing in Dubai by Knightsbridge Fencing Club

Watch Julianna's World Championship team final 2005 Leipzig, Germany. It is nail biting!

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