KF Comp



All donations will support Knightsbridge Fencing Club's Ukrainian Fencing Refugees

Age Category:
Born after 01/01/2012 and before 31/12/2014



2nd July, Saturday, 2022



Check in at 8:30am

Competition from 9am to 11am



St Luke's Earls Court SW10 9HF, London

Format of the event


Spaces are limited, 21 girls and boys representing their school available on a first come first served basis.

Fencers will be divided into poules and will fence everyone in their poule for 2 minutes or to 5 points.  Based on the poule results fencers will be ranked 1 to 21 and will then fence a second round of poules for 2 minutes or 5 points to give final finishing position.



Full fencing-kit must be worn, including mask, chest plate, under-jacket, jacket, glove, breeches, fencing sock and sport shoes. Weapon Size: Epee length – Size 0

Let us know if you don’t have equipment so we can provide some for you.



Medals will be awarded to top 8.

How to enter


Please click on the "Entry" below
Deadline: 24 June, 2022
Entry fee:£80

Must have a valid British Fencing Membership Number.
To obtain, please visit British Fencing: Become a Member Final - BRITISH FENCING

If you have any questions, please send us an email to: info@knightsbridgefencingclub.com
Refunds for withdrawals:
Please note, there is no refund for withdrawals.
Publishing of Entry lists, photography and Results online:
By entering these competitions you agree for entry lists, photos and results to be published on our website and social media.


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