Ellie, British Champion
3 words about fencing
Alec, British Champion
3 words about fencing

Fencing is a physically active and highly strategic game that develops endurance, coordination, decision-making, reflexes and mental agility. Derived from the art of sword fighting it became a worldwide modern Olympic sport that still holds the essence of outsmarting the opponent with sword in hand.


Fencing is miles away from the choreographed bouts you see on film or on the stage. Instead of swinging from a chandelier or jumping from balconies, it's better to describe it as “Physical Chess”. The sport requires precise thought and decision making whilst being active and executing decided movements. Competitors have to analyse their opponents and then defeat them using the appropriate techniques. Over a competition, hundreds of different situations have to be solved and requires unparalleled focus throughout each match.


Apart from having a great way to exercise without getting bored for a second, there are many other benefits of fencing. For children especially, it helps with physical and mental development, improving aerobic (cardio) fitness, balance, coordination, flexibility, reduces stress and most of all, is lots and lots of fun!

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