About Competitions

If your child is 15 years old or younger, then you can choose any event for them from the Elite Epee Junior Series or Leon Paul Junior Series. These competitions are very friendly and provide a great environment to start competing.


To be able to enter your child into these events, you need to apply for a British Fencing membership, check the link below for more information. 


Fencing competitions have a limited number of entries per event and can fill up very quickly. Please make sure you are not missing out by trying to enter too late.

If you have signed up for an event but now can’t participate for any reason, please always let the organisers know about this beforehand.


Under-15 International events (and Olimpici series) are for more advanced fencers. However, we like to encourage everyone to try them. It’s a great experience to see the international fencing standard and, in general, what a big international competition is like.


Please note that the fencing equipment requirements differ slightly in each country, and to compete in international events you may need equipment that fulfils a higher safety requirement. For specific information please ask Julianna or Tamas.

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