Julianna and Tamas were live on Channel 4 today!

Julianna and Tamas today went to promote fencing at Channel 4, Sunday Brunch. Julianna explained what she does, how fencing works and what is her goal (qualifying for Olympic Games in Tokio 2020) then she taught Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy some fencing. Tim turned out to be a better fencer so Simon is expected to turn up in Knightsbridge Fencing Club soon. You can watch the live footage again. Link will be available soon.

Knightsbridge Fencing Club wins 5 medals at Elite Epee Junior Series: Moulton College, Northants

The day started on a high note with Ellie winning gold medal. As reigning champion, she took the pressure well and executed her game plan perfectly. Next came Charlote, with exceptional foot work she was keeping her opponents on the defense. She fenced her heart out taking the bronze medal. Orlando continued the success with another bronze medal. He was tactical and technical on the piste. The cherry on the cake was Eva, she was brave, her eyes was on the price and did not stop until winning the gold medal. Ovarall Knightsbridge Fencing Club took home 5 medals at the Elite Epee Junior Series: Moulton College, Northants.


Knightsbridge Fencing Club is very proud of Avery wining Manchester U17 girls epee competition. The season started well for Avery and her victory is the proof that hard work will manifest in great results. Avery trained very hard over the week long training camp in Knightsbridge Fencing Cub, which was the foundation of the season, plus trains 5 times a week. The medal was well deserved!! Congratulations Avery and Tamas Kovacs trainer! #KnightsbridgeFencingClub #WeWantThoseMedals


Today is the World Fencing Day 2017 and Knightsbridge Fencing Club has prepared a video in honor of this special occasion. We would like to thank to all the participators and coaches who helped creating it! TVideo is shortly coming! #FencingUnitesUs #FencingForLife #WeDefendedOurCastle

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